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  Character races
After ability scores are generated, a race must be picked for the new character. Many fantasy races dwell in numbers in Fälgorna, those available as character races are detailed in the following section.
The major character races are: human, dwarf, mul, elf, half-elf, halfling, half-orc, half-ogre, hobgoblin, gnome, goblin, kobold, lizard man, orc, and uldra.
In addition to the major races detailed in this manual, a character may choose (with the DM's permission) to play a nonstandard race detailed in The Complete Humanoids Handbook or other source. The nonstandard races available are: aarakocra, beastman, bugbear, bullywug, centaur, flind, githyanki, githerzerai, gnoll, kenku, mongrelman, norker, ogrillon, satyr, talsoi, thri-kreen, troglodyte, wemic, and xvart. Consult the DM for more information.


A character begins his career speaking his native tongue as a bonus nonweapon skill. Most demihumans and humanoids may learn additional languages when created by using skill points. Most characters also have rudimentary skill in the Trade Tongue (the common language of trade). This skill may be improved by expending skill points.
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